Baron Synth Trimble-Alodia

A very handsome and dashing Halfling


Handsome and fit. It is evident in the way he carries himself that is mind is as well tuned as his body. Yet there is an aura of mystery surrounding him.


Synth has not gone into detail about his past. He was an explorer or adventurer of some sort, who took up the more sedentary life of wealthy business owner when times started to get tough. He is a risk taker at heart, and it seems many of his business ventures have paid off handsomely. He is certainly one of the wealthiest mundanes you have met.

Following the revolution Synth came out of the shadows and cashed in his considerable wealth and influence for political party. He was able to gain official recognition of his branch of house Alodia. He is the head of the cadet branch of the house, Alodia of Omeo

Baron Synth Trimble-Alodia

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