Countess Faylee Alodia

Stewardess of Alodia, Baroness of Medwin, Keeper of Home and Hearth


Race: Halfling
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Height: 3’6"
Weight: 48 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Class: Wizard – Enchanter (Manipulator)
House: Alodia


A thin-inviting smile stretches across the young halfling’s visage as your glance lowers to meet hers. You feel the piercing nature of her brown eyes judging and evaluating your very essence. It is a the combination of the fine material of her attire and how her dress is perfectly form fitting, that you know her outfit was custom tailored. Even the curls of her brown locks seem pampered; held still with a ribbon of the highest trending fashion within Rana.

Yet even through the ambrosia like scent coming from her perfume, you get hints of the cornucopia of spell components residing within her belt packs. The closed tome poking out of her backpack, resting against her elegant boots, puts everything into perspective – this woman is a wizard. This realization brings her etiquette and grace to the forefront of your mind; her movements are as fluid as the wit in her speech.

As she leaves through the front door, you fail to remember where the last few hours went or at which point you bought her so many drinks – but you’re sure glad you did it. What you do remember clearly though, is that alluring smile.

Countess Faylee Alodia

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